A colourful share

I know so much of The Wandering Armadillo shall be my own work, but from time to time I will be compelled to share brilliance stemming from the arts. A small token of my admiration.

I adore this artist’s work! It is almost how I see the world and why I travel so slowly. Senses overwhelmed by the magic of it all. Absorbing every detail, with the saturated colours exploding.

May your day be filled with blasts of colour,  scents of nature and a smile for a stranger. Enjoy!


Australian painter, sculptor and print maker Marie Jönsson-Harrison is known globally for her colourful and energetic “Naïve” and “Outsider” Art. Outsider Art, writes Gloucestershire-based artist, lecturer and art therapist David Maclagan (as I have already mentioned): refers, in a very open-ended way, to extraordinary works created by people who are in some way on the margins of society, and […]

via Marie Jönsson-Harrison: Naïve and Outsider Art in Paintings, Prints and Sculptures — On Art and Aesthetics

Thanks Tulika B, I love your articles!



20 thoughts on “A colourful share”

    1. Entirely wonderful! I’m a bit embarrassed that I’ve never heard of her actually – I’m Australian but have lived away for quite a few years. Thankful for your introduction 😊

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      1. You are Australian? I grew up in the Adelaide hills. My husband is American and we lived for 10 years in Colorado, which I loved! We have now been 11 years in regional South Australia.
        Thanks for sharing this post!

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      2. Well hello!! Wow… Yes! I’m from Tassie but have been in Canada now since 2000.
        My sister lives in Norwood actually.
        What a coincidence hey?

        And this artist Marie is also in Adelaide. I now follow each other on Instagram … she is a total sweetheart and paints amazing naive style pieces.
        Must be sweltering in the summer where you are!?

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      3. I love Tasmania!!! Do you miss it?
        And I’m embarrassed to say I had not heard of Marie either. We have friends in Balaklava, so if we get back there I must be sure to see her work there as well.
        So I am guessing you enjoy Canada?


      4. Tassie is a jewel isn’t it? But I left when I was 21 for Brisbane then returned for a couple of years in my mid twenties before heading overseas.
        Canada for me is probably like Colorado was for you. Great friends and lifestyle – and my job/s are amazing. Workmates are true friends. But in between relationships again … and somehow almost feeling like the world is beckoning again. Like destiny has me on her chess board once more.
        Are you well settled there in SA my new friend?

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      5. How funny…I was 21 when I first went to the States to visit Australian friends who had moved there. That’s when I met my husband. We stayed in contact for 3 years (snail mail, wow) and I went over a couple of times to visit, then we were married in the US in ’96.
        I really feel at home in both places. But I don’t think we will be moving internationally in the near future. But God has surprised the heck out of me a number of times haha

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      6. Wow. A snail mail infused long distance relationship starting at a most youthful age. How excruciating that form of communication must have been … but obviously you met your match …. and the rest is history as they say.

        Yes … don’t throw your suitcases away by any means 😊

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      7. No kidding! At the time I thought I was so wise and mature for my age…hahaha…now I look back and can’t believe how young I was!
        Even my mother would joke that there should be a law that no one can marry under the age of 30, especially men! lol. How we laughed, and I agreed. Ugh, then I went to the States…

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      8. A very romantic notion actually, harking back to another century. But they was when lady’s lived in manors and had wax to seal their envelopes! Oh my mind is drifting now …. 😌

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      9. When I remind myself how my friends and I used to take so much time to write long letters, to make them as funny and interesting as possible. Plus, I realise now, it was a great way to journal our lives. I think our mentality has changed in so many ways. It’s quite fascinating really.
        haha oh now I am thinking of Pride and Prejudice…
        Anyway, I should say good night. Thank you so much for the “chat”. It’s been lovely getting to know you a little. 💐

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      10. Yes those lovely letter writing moments of our youth and pen pals too. I had one in Sweden because I was ABBA mad.
        Hehe, now we are sounding like old women reminiscing. “Well Marge, remember when …”

        It’s been lovely spending time with you. I have quite happily ignored some Sunday night chores – they shall be left as Monday evening annoyances instead.
        Good night South Australia 🌹
        PS-I think I have another reply waiting and will eagerly write tomorrow 💕

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      11. I just had to say, I was ABBA mad too. That is so cool you had a Swedish penpal for that reason! I laughed out loud. If I ever find an old photo of myself wearing my favourite ABBA shirt, I will share it hahaha

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      12. Oh,we are SO going to get on you and I.
        You have pretty much guaranteed a ride from the airport and at least a day of sightseeing when you come and visit Vancouver 🙂

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