The Wandering Armadillo

'little armoured one, moving gently through life'

Keeping it real

since 2017

Hi, I’m Diana. Welcome to my collection of intermittent writings.


i have dreamt of meadows like this giant dandelions the size of a fist clenched, a fragile symmetry precariously bound unfurl and disperse so it is with rage disperse and unfurl release and drift in wind whispers, weightless..

Beneath Bark

the day the trees spoke in wooden creak of whispers amidst gnarly knot frowns austere sure footedness of deep rooted biases warning me against naked branches nary time for bare bud chances nor foolhardy quest for canopy to shield forest floor tenderlings while my own enfeebled bark flakes with flagrant frailty coddling toils of termite…

in clouds

contemplating cloud stories churned tales of “forget me not” woven through jagged tufts errant teardrops, pavement blot . a chapter begins with billowing horizon bursts brighter than expectation mistrals calm the hesitation of a wary sailor . presently, a plotof storm potential diffuse stratus layering stagnant, self effacing the grey numb of featureless . elsewhere,…


before you break will there be a sound of ice crack a forewarning, frail fissuring like the sonorous peals of the frozen rivers of spring startling the industry of nest builders to open mouths of tumbling twigs . and when I bleed shall it be the slow seep brown from leaf detritus autumn pavement stains…


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